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Knights Fable v3.7.2: New in CSA

Knights Fable is very glad to announce that we have made some optimization about the CSA and Maze. The update came on Jan. 15, simply refresh the browser page after the update is complete! Wish you enjoy our new features!

New update:
Improvements and bug fixes:
1. New BOSS in CSA: Athena.
2. New item to get in CSA: Hero Stamper (3 for the winners and 1 for the losing ones). Hero Stampers can be exchanged in CSA shop for Hero Shards ( Poseidon and Athena for the moment). Exchange rate: 1 for 1.
3. Glory Shop changed into “CSA Shop”.
4. Correct some answers in Maze.

R2Games Knight's Fable Ops Team

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