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Knights Fable v3.6.2: Maze will come!

Knights Fable is glad to announce that a new update will come along with Christmas eve! We’d like to celebrate this with all our fans! The update will come on 12.24 and will not affect your in-game progress! Simply refresh the browser page after the update is complete!

New function:
Maze is a brand new PVE system where you can find some materials to increase your char’s BR! You can enter maze after reached Lvl.40 twice day. 

1.There are 3 different floors with 3 various bosses at each floor in Maze.
2.You need to move from the start to the final, and successfully defeat the boss with settled attempts. You need to summon the boss with your earned point, after defeat it you can earn a large amount of silver and exp, at the same time, you will own the chance to draw omament materials.
3.You can only move to the neighbouring lattice where some unexpected event will be triggered randomly.
4.After entering into the maze, players need to exlpore the maze, during which process the stats of their heroes and characters will be reserved.

2.Vestment omament:
We will release the vestment omament system to help you enhance your char’s stats. It is related to maze, and you have to find all the required materials at Maze at first, then you can increase your char’s stats at omament system.

1. Equiping vestment omament will add char's stats, and higher quality of omament will add more stats.
2. There are 3 categories of omaments aiming to add different kind of stats with various base stats value.
3. Each Ornament has 3 different stats categories, each stats could be obtain one time at the most. There are main stats and minor stats. You can only obtain main or minor one randomly.
4. You can know the quality of the ornament by its rating. More base stat value, higher star ratings.
5. Upgrading omament will receive bonus stats. Higher star ratings, more bonus stats.
6. The upgrading materials of omaments are omament and essence. Upgraded omament can also be used to upgrade other omament.( exp will be returned)
7. You can obtain omament and essence at Maze and maze shop. By challenging higher level, you will have more chance to win higher quality of omament.
8. Each ornament has a element stats according to the ornament quality. Activation of the element skill can be done after reaching the element skills requirements.

Improvement &bugs:
1. Changed the description about the duration of bonus beast melee.
2. Fixed the bug of obtaining rewards via in-game mail at auto-fight mode of Hell.


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