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Knights Fable v3.12.1: Improvements

Knights Fable is very glad to announce that we made some modification to the Expedition in order to provide with you a better game experience. Besides, we made some optimization and bug fixing. The update will come on March 24th and will not affect your in-game progress! Simply refresh the browser page after the update is complete! Wish you enjoy our new version!

★New to Expedition
1. Rage added. Players can get Rage after the death of own hero, and can exchange Rage with pre-battle skills. Rage will be reset everyday during preparation period.
2. Special opponent added. The 5th, 10th and 12th opponents are designed to be special opponents. Players have chance to get double rewards after successfully defeating these opponents.
3. Players now can buy more attempts of strategies with gold.

Modifications to Expedition
1.Optimized the description of Strategies.
2.Optimized the reward description of killing each opponent.
3.Halved the price of Cassandra Shard. System will mail players the disparity according to the log.
4.Added rule icon inside the Expedition interface.

Bugs Fixes
1. Fixed the BR display bug of Expedition.
2. Fixed the skill description bug of hero Auriel.

R2Games Knight's Fable Ops Team

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