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Knight's Fable v2.9 coming with new feature!

We are excited to announce that we will release new system, Aristocracy. It will be a beneficial play mode for all the free players, the update will not affect your progress in game, simply refresh the game after the update complete. Let’s have a look at the details about the update. We think that the new version will bring to all players better experience in game.

Update time: 2014.10.17
Server: all servers

New system:
It will be the cross-server and singal server playmode. There are 3 titles, Duke, Count and Viscount, only the player who get most prestige will obtain the Duke title! After that, the players who have obtained the title will received bonus stats and daily rewards, what’s more, the player with Duke title has the previlege to send free gift to all players in Knight’s Fable. 

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