Install R2Client LOGIN

Character Creation

Register and then log in to your GTArcade account. Select a Knight's Fable server to play on to begin your journey.
1.Select a class → 2. Enter your character name → 3. Enter the game 

Knights: Knights are a male character with strong defenses. They possess lifesteal capabilities as well as exceptional physical attack and defense skills.

Magi: Magi are a female character with powerful magic capabilities. They are adept at casting powerful magic attacks.

Fighters: Fighters are a male class that excel at one-on-one physical attacks. They deal considerable damage while being both quick and nimble.

Spiritus: Spiritus are a female class that excel at buffing friendly party members while debuffing enemies.

Official Site: http://knight.r2games.com 
Official Forum: http://forum.r2games.com/forumdisplay.php?512-Knight-s-Fable 
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/knightsfabler2